Hey guys i'm Evie / plerb user @slapshot / tumblr user @guiltsymptom


      * Evie - descendants
      * Agent Washington - rvb
      * Theta - rvb
      * America Chavez - marvel
      * Jaime Reyes - DC/Blue Beetle
      * Odd Della Robbia - Code Lyoko
      * Liv Rooney - Liv & Maddie
      * Rex Salazar - generator rex
      * Sombra - overwatch
      * Butch Deloria (fo3)

Check out guiltsymptom.tumblr.com/xox for my full ID page!
                       (i have more unlisted from my /xox page but they dont matter)

My favorite Musicians are:

      * Kali Uchis
      * Glass Animals
      * Maroon 5
      * Tally Hall

I'm latinx, nb and i'm poly (i'm in a closed relationship!) + lesbian, he/they , and i'm dating tumblr user @

      * I have depression + bpd and I'm autistic, and my SIs are DC Comics (batman and yj mostly), Descendants, and i like other musicals as well!!

Heathers The Musical is overrated and moves at a too fast pace, and I don't really like it, but the movie was very good and it's good.

                                                         I love my girlfriend and line stickers